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S2, Ep 51: Breaking Down Therapy

S2, Ep 51: Breaking Down Therapy

January 27, 2021

In this episode I'm joined by writer, content producer and mental health advocate, Kim and we talk therapy.

Kim breaks down the myths surrounding counselling and therapy and explains why it's not just for rich white people in Hollywood....a view that many still have!

We also discuss journalling, meditation, being a proud South Asian feminist, and whether it's possible to be both!



S2, Ep 50: Heartbreak and Literature

S2, Ep 50: Heartbreak and Literature

January 20, 2021

In this episode I discuss love, loss, and literature with journalist and writer, Priya Mulji.

If like me you hardly ever pick up a book these days but would love to stop mindlessly scrolling through your phone and get lost in a story (and not an insta story!) again, then Priya shares her top book recommendations and tips for how to read more.

We also talk about her recent blog post "38 and past my sell by date" and how she dealt with heartbreak during lockdown.

And since she's also been described as "the Asian Carrie Bradshaw" and is a self-confessed SATC fan, it was only right that we discussed the the forthcoming return of the iconic show!

S2, Ep 49: Friendship, Love, And CCPs

S2, Ep 49: Friendship, Love, And CCPs

January 13, 2021

My guests this episode are Raj and Hardeep, the hosts of a fresh new podcast called Thank You, Next.

We discuss what lessons we learnt from Lockdown 1 and what we're doing differently in Lockdown 3. 

And we explore the world of female friendships - which of us was a dork and which was a CCP, and who was a dork masquerading as a CCP? - and our expectations of love.

Get in touch to let me know your thoughts at

S2, Ep 48: Self Care and Success in 2021

S2, Ep 48: Self Care and Success in 2021

January 8, 2021

New year, new.....arrghhh, what's the point?!

The phrase "New year,, new me" hasn't really got the same ring to it this January. "Same shit, different day" probably feels more real right now.

But instead of writing 2021 off, there are ways to cultivate a positive mindset and set achievable goals. Maybe the career change you always wanted isn't out of the question, and maybe this will be the year you make meaningful lifestyle changes. My guest Sunita Harley, a careers and well being coach, shares her top tips.

S2, Ep 47: Finding Reasons To Be Thankful in 2020

S2, Ep 47: Finding Reasons To Be Thankful in 2020

December 17, 2020

It's the last episode of the year!

How many of us are glad that 2020 is nearly over?

It's been a year of struggles, challenges, set backs and sadness. But through all of that there are still reasons to smile and be thankful and my guests Rummy and Kirat help me find them!

We discuss the highs and lows of the year, our heroes of 2020, what we are grateful for, and our plans for Christmas.


S2, Ep 47: How To Write A Killer Novel

S2, Ep 47: How To Write A Killer Novel

December 10, 2020

It's a well known fact that women are pretty good at being multi-talented multi-taskers. In this episode I speak to one of these badass boss ladies!

Nadine Matheson successfully balances a career as a Solicitor, teaching law, and writing. She shares her tips on how to write a novel, the challenges of self-publishing her first book 'The Sisters' and how her work in criminal law inspired her to write her debut crime novel 'The Jigsaw Man'.


S2, Ep 45: The Perfect Size Family

S2, Ep 45: The Perfect Size Family

December 3, 2020

Many of us had, or still have, a preconceived and totally naive idea of the number of children we would like, some even go as far as thinking about how many of each gender they would like. There are countless studies on this many children makes the "perfect size family"?

Does an only child necessarily mean a lonely child? How do you stay in control when you're outnumbered by your kids? And should you have more children if you can't afford to spend time and money on them?

In this episode I speak to mum of one Jyoti and mum of six Skye and find out just what is the "perfect size family".


S2, Ep 44: How To Dress Better And Save The World

S2, Ep 44: How To Dress Better And Save The World

November 26, 2020

Like me you're probably familiar with the term "fast fashion" and can appreciate how it makes shopping for clothes more affordable.

But are we aware of the impact that fast fashion has on the planet?

My guest this episode is Sukhina Garcia, fashion designer and creator of the brand Betty Brown, where style meets sustainability. She shares some shocking statistics about the devastating impact that the textile industry has on the environment and people's well being. 

We discuss ways in which we can tweak our lifestyles, dress better, and shop better, while saving the world!

S2, Ep 43: Passing On Culture

S2, Ep 43: Passing On Culture

November 19, 2020

If you're a parent do you ever worry that your kids are getting a bit "washed out"? Would they rather eat fish fingers and chips than roti and daal? Can they speak their mother-tongue? and have they ever been “back home”? 

And are we making life harder for ourselves by even worrying about all this? After all we live in the UK and should just adopt British culture right?

I'm joined by my homie Rummy, and we share whether we're choosing to pass on our culture on pass on it!

We also hear from British-Ghanian Mercy and speak to Sunita Shah, the creator behind The Jai Jais, a collection of books that teach kids about Hinduism.


S2, Ep 42: Are You Getting Enough of Good Enough?

S2, Ep 42: Are You Getting Enough of Good Enough?

November 12, 2020

Our relationship with food is a complicated one. We need it to live, sometimes we don't have enough of it, sometimes we have too much of it. Food is a comfort, it's a part of rituals and culture and whether you're a foodie or not there is no denying that it makes us who we are....literally!

But how much food do we actually need in a day? What impact does what we eat have on our mood and our bodies? and can we train ourselves to eat healthier without feeling deprived?

My guest this episode is food and behaviour coach Ravneet (Neet Nutrition). She shares her theories on mindful eating, getting enough of good enough, what to eat for a smoother menopause, and loving our bodies regardless of what shape we are.



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