The Sisterhood of MummyImperfect Podcast

S2, Ep 42: Are You Getting Enough of Good Enough?

November 12, 2020

Our relationship with food is a complicated one. We need it to live, sometimes we don't have enough of it, sometimes we have too much of it. Food is a comfort, it's a part of rituals and culture and whether you're a foodie or not there is no denying that it makes us who we are....literally!

But how much food do we actually need in a day? What impact does what we eat have on our mood and our bodies? and can we train ourselves to eat healthier without feeling deprived?

My guest this episode is food and behaviour coach Ravneet (Neet Nutrition). She shares her theories on mindful eating, getting enough of good enough, what to eat for a smoother menopause, and loving our bodies regardless of what shape we are.



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